About Us


  • Our founders bring over 25 years of experience to our company.
  • Our team is comprised of leaders in various fields of expertise, including electricians, plumbers, general contractors and certified solar installers.
  • Go Solar has installed the largest solar installations in Las Vegas, making us one of the most valuable players in the solar market.

Comprehensive Approach

  • We have developed a unique approach to energy efficiency, evaluating your home’s complete energy use, correcting every point of energy loss.
  • We examine your home as a complete unit, first reducing your energy consumption, and then adding solar to generate power.
  • This approach decreases the cost of your solar system, and also decreases your carbon footprint, saving you thousands in electrical bills.

No Subcontracted Work – Fully Licensed

  • We perform all of our own work, operating with over 6 licenses.
  • We utilize energy efficient HVAC systems, comprehensive weatherization techniques, and solar power.
  • We have the ability to install solar pool, solar electric and solar hot water systems.
  • No subcontracted work means that you communicate with one company only and you eliminate additional costs.

Technology Options

  • We pride ourselves on utilizing cutting edge technology in all our services.
  • Our team continues ongoing training to provide efficient installations using updated technology and hardware.
  • Our sales team holds all-inclusive knowledge regarding the latest technology options for weatherization, HVAC and solar energy.

Financing Solutions

  • We offer in-house financing options that are adapted to each customer.
  • We provide a financing expert who can coordinate the entire financing process, assisting you through each step.
  • Our background enables us to provide customers with over 6 financing solutions, catered specifically to meet the needs of each individual’s situation.

Design Center

  • We start with a free Energy Evaluation that will give you complete understanding of your choice to go solar and our process.
  • The next step is visiting our state of the art Design Center that will allow you to see firsthand everything that you are buying.
  • Seeing is just one part. Our Design Center also allows you to understand the functionality of each part of your solar system and exactly how weatherization affects your home.  You can take a virtual tour by going to our Contact Page.  Simply place your mouse over the image, and click, drag and pull to take a tour!

Post Installation Customer Service

  • Getting your system installed is just the beginning. We focus on building a long term relationship with every customer we encounter.
  • We have established referral programs that will allow you to continue to make money from your solar system purchase.
  • Our Customer Service Department will continue to answer questions, register your system with the PUC for portfolio energy credits and assist you with any further information required.

Exceeding Expectations

We will exceed your expectations in everything we do, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out our customer reviews and testimonials.