Solar Electric

Solar Electricity from Solar Power Panels

Using solar electric panel technology (also known as Solar PV, short for Solar Photovoltaics) is like having your own personal power plant that generates most – if not all – the electricity your Las Vegas home or office needs. All you pay is NV Energy’s basic connection feel. If your home or office generates more power than can be used, you are eligible to receive a credit on your monthly bill that reduces your out-of-pocket monthly expense to a tiny fraction of what you’re paying now.

Your Excess Power Will Virtually Eliminate Your Power Bill

There will be days when your Las Vegas home or business generates more power than it uses. NV Energy will automatically give you credits for the excess energy from your system’s net-meter. When you need power from the grid at night, your accumulated credits are used before you are billed. This “net zero” set up will effectively reduce your monthly out-of-pocket cost to the $11 minimum connection fee from NV Energy. As an added bonus, that green power goes back into our local grid reducing the entire city’s need for fossil fuel-derived power.

A recent study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, found that homes in California equipped with solar power panels to generate solar electricity sold at a Premium of $3.90 to $6.40 per watt of solar capacity over similar homes with similar features. Besides providing free power every month, when it does come time to sell, solar power panels give your home an edge.

You Can Afford Solar Power

A state-of-the-art solar power panel system is surprisingly affordable and, with exception to peak usage, can provide the majority of the power needs for any home or business. The power bill savings every month for the next 25 years will assure you a huge return on your investment.

We can direct you to one of our partner lenders for an Energy Efficient Mortgage or FHA 203(k) refinance. These programs use equity in your home to pay for energy efficiency improvements over 30 years. But that’s not all – we have over 6 different financing options to get solar to you fast and easy.